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While the site is not expensive, it's not free either.  All donations will remain in this paypal account which has been configured to pay for this site on a monthly basis.  All remaining funds are, in turn, funneled into an off-shore bank account in the Cayman Islands.  

Donations made to the above PayPal account are not received by, and are solely for the site administrator who configured this content.

Welcome to The Elysian Triad's Website.  This is the home for one of the many corporations in EVE Online.  Please visit and join us!

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Welcome to The Elysian Triad's website

Ariano T'Kulo, Oct 24, 11 5:30 AM.
I wanted to take a quick moment of your time to welcome you to the site and to give you a brief head's up on what to expect here.  You'll need to apply to see some of the content of this site, obviously.  If you are a member of the corporation, you need to be sure to log in AS YOUR CHARACTER.  Unknown requests will probably be denied access.  If you're not a member of TETS, but are an in-game friend of the corp or one of the chat channels we are in, your access will be somewhat limited but you'll still have access to one of our forum areas to chat with members there.  As I become more familiar with the site, more areas may become open to our guests.  Please be patient as I work through things here.  Once again, welcome and enjoy your visit.

-Ariano T'Kulo
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